About Laura

Laura Hello ! I am Laura a young Italian woman that during the last 10 years of my life have developed a major interest in other cultures, thanks to my family run hotel in Sorrento, where I grew up until my 23.

Since a little girl I have been in contact with other nationalities people from all over the world, which is where I understand that English had to become my second language to allow me to communicate with foreign people and be able to understand them in an exchange of cultures.

As a child I used to be always in the kitchen with my mum , helping her and cooking with her, I’ve always loved it, the thought of getting my hands on what she was making and help her making was just a great feeling.

I knew how to make Tiramisù , eggplant parmigiana, simple pasta with ragù sauce , cutlet milan style, meatballs and many other dishes since I was 12 years old. Now that I am older I can say that passione for cooking has always been in my blood.

While still at school I started travel to Europe and once finished my studies I finally made my dream come true and went to the States. I started from Chicago and crossed the all States to San Francisco, my dream was to discover the States into the deep even if only in 2 months, I realized that everything out there was just how I expected ,  the places and the people, everything that I use to imagine was real in front of me.

I visited a lots of people that stayed at the family run hotel and once I was back home I wanted to start something on my own, so I made some studies on my native land and today I become a travel consultant specialized on Sorrento, Napoli and the Amalfi coast area which I personally consider a corner of paradise.

I feel like I have to thank my family that allow me to know thousands of people, talk to them, improve my English and realize that no matter how long we study on books the truth is that the more we travel, the more we live the more we learn.  I also discovered how much I love interacting with people, be in contact with them, helping them in their new adventure and that’s why I create my own way to do so.

So let Laura Help you in your next trip to the Amalfi coast , your next cooking vacation in Sorrento, your next adventure, Travel With Laura!


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