Pizza Calzoni and Rustici course

homemade pizzettaCome to Sorrento to have fun with this hands on cooking course focused on learning the little homemade Pizza and pizzetta, Focaccia, Calzoni and Rustici , easy to make at home and yet the best aperitif ever for your business.

rusticiYour Chef will teach you, on this hands on cooking course the simplicity of the old neapolitan Pizza to prepare for your kids and friends, the tasty Rustici, morsels of puff pastry, quick and easy to prepare, perfect as finger food for an aperitif or buffet for a party, the filling of the outbuildings may vary: spinach and cheese, tomatoes and cheese, with ham, sausage or anchovies and tomatoes. Even the shapes can be different: rolls or dumplings. A fun and tasty appetizer that leaves room for imagination.

Of course the the Calzoni , “the pants” are filled with a steaming hot filling of tasty mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce and ham, they are baked and are perfect for an appetizer or as a snack. The calzoni are made ​​with an envelope stuffed bread dough (or pizza) and are then stuffed with a filling classic tomato, mozzarella and ham and vegetarian, eggplant or zucchini and mozzarella cheese, and of course you can indulge inventing many variations.

calzoniAnd the simplest but good and genuine Focaccia. The Focaccia is a versatile food that everyone’s like and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways: simply as a snack, as a real meal preparing it with some parma ham on top and cheese, vegetables or cheese, marinara style or using it in place of bread.focaccia

The Potatoes croquettes and the Rise balls, delicious starter and buffet finger food.

stuffed Pizza roll

focaccia with black olives and onions

rise balls

potatoes croquette

So what are you waiting for!? come to learn how to make the tommy of your kids happy with these hands on mini course over 3 days lessons or even just One dat class if you don’t have enough time.

This Pizza Calzoni and Rustici course can be schedule it for the morning or afternoon , upon availability. Each lesson will last for about 2/3 hours. After the class you will enjoy eating the food prepared. The lesson is though in english by a professional and friendly female Chef.

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Children cooking course

Are you looking for something fun to do with your kids during your holidays in Sorrento and the Amalfi coast? This is a funny experience getting them along with a cooking lesson, a great idea to developing skills and learn how to make their own lunch, new friends and discover a new passion.

kids cooking classThis is a unique course with the goal of teaching some of the best and simplest dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine.

With this One day Children cooking class your kid will have fun in learning how to make Pizza for their parties, a pasta dish and a cake.

This cours is especially on request with a minimum number of 4 kids to a maximum number of 10 kids, the age range goes from 3 years old to 16 years old.

The menu will be easy to prepare and practical to make it again at home.

The Chef is a very friendly Mama that will let them feel like they are in their own kitchen preparing a delicious dinner for their parents, still she will teach them good skills in order to became one day a professional cook or simply help you cooking at home. Of course the dishes prepared are going to be easy and funny to make, like fresh pasta, gnocchi sorrentina, cotoletta milanese , meat balls, bruschetta, cookies …  with this hands on cooking course all the creativity of your kid will take shape into something real good.

home made Pizzette


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Private cooking class

Private lessonThe Private cooking class is appropriate for groups and for who prefers to join a private lesson to learn and catch at the best every little secret of your Chef.

This class can be personalized , you can chose together with the Chef the dish you would like to learn, if you have any particular request, allergy or any specific requirements and needs.

This class is usually from 11,30 to 2 pm.

The price depends on the size of the group and on the number of participants.

One to One / Two to One or more…

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Intensive cooking course

This is an Intensive General cooking course, in Sorrento South of Italy , focused on the traditional dishes and gourmand products of the mediterranean cuisine.

This course will run from Monday to Saturday for a total of eight lessons ,  two lessons in the morning focused on the gourmand products where you can be learning the traditional digestive Limoncello liquor, the secret to conserve and preserve the original flavor of the under oil vegetables such as the giardiniera, the homemade jams, the typical “Casatiello” , the Biscotti Amarena, the brioches sweet bread or the homemade Pizza in the electrical house oven, easily to make at home, and six afternoon cooking classes where you will be learning six complete different menus, from the starter to the dessert.

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This course is available all year long , from Monday to Saturday , the afternoon lessons will start at 4 pm until finish ( about 3 hours, depends upon the menu) and the two morning class from 11,30 to 1,30.

In this course you will learn how to transform the fresh basil into the exquisite Pesto sauce and the Sweet cherry tomatoes into a delicious sauce to utilize with fresh pasta , gnocchi sorrentine and more.

You will learn the classical Braciole with the Ragu sauce, the veal escallop in lemon sauce,  scialatielli with eggplant sicilian style, tagliolini with zucchine and shrimps, gnocchi Sorrentine, Ravioli Caprese, Speghetti with clams and the neapolitan Lasagna.

The course is not private, it is open to everyone that applies so you may be meeting other people that like you is passionate of the classical mediterranean cuisine.

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Pizza course

Round Pizza MargheritaNeapolitan Pizza , made of a soft thin dough and of the high-sided: this is the version of the round classic Pizza Margherita, it is also understood as the quintessential Italian pizza. A very traditional way to eat the pizza in Naples is to buy the “mignon” kind so that it can be bent in four with a food paper. This way of folding the pizza its called: a book, or perhaps more commonly  “the portfolio” to consume it while walking in the street.

Pizza Caprese



The Naples Pizza is what this course is intent to teach:

First of all the dough.

The first day: will be focused on learning the Pizza dough, your Chef Pizzaiolo will show you, on the first lesson, the preparation, the ingredients, the quantity of the dough, in this lesson you will be mostly taking notes and remember everything for your second day class

Second Lesson: you will be the one in making the dough together with the Chef Pizzaiolo, prepare the toppings such as the sauce, the mozzarella cheese, the salami, the all kinds vegetables than start the oven and let it arrive at the good temperature , than the shape like the mignon the normal round one or the meter one.

On the Third Lesson: you will making all again plus you will learn also the pizza dough Calzoni filled with Ricotta cheese, mozzarella, tomato sauce or ham and salami..

The fourth day: again the dough, the preparations of other toppings, the shape, the oven and the practice in making Pizzas,  plus you will be learning also some Rosticceria such as little pizza roll and focaccia.

The Fifth and last day: Everything again. The Chef Pizzaiolo will be looking and follow you from behind and you will be making everything yourself. Ready to go back home and organize a Pizza Party for all your friends and family.

Pizza making courseThis course is focused on learning the base of the Traditional Neapolitan Pizza in the wood fire oven, along with the perfect shape the temperature of the oven the variety of the toppings and of course a lot of practice.

Pizza MargheritaThis Pizza course is taken in a nice garden in  Sorrento’s area , the course starts from Monday to Friday ( 5 lessons total) from 11,30 am to 2 pm.

It is also available for just one day class, for who doesn’t have much time but is still very interested in knowing the basic steps about the Neapolitan Pizza.

If you are coming with a partner or friends feel free to invite them to eat the Pizza that you will be making!.

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