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Personal Chef

chefYou are on Vacation and don’t feel like cooking?, hire a personal Chef to come at your holiday’s villa and cook for you an authentic Italian mediterranean meal.

Travel with Laura knows her chefs , suggesting you the right one, ready to satisfy any demand of your palate.

Hire a Personal Chef  for one day, a week end , a week or longer, he will take care of the grocery shopping in order to prepare a four course menu , chose with him the menu or let us know about the dishes you wish to enjoy and take the chance to taste the real Italian food cooked by a passionate Chef, you could also enjoy a neapolitan Pizza party if your villa has a wood fire oven.

Travel with Laura will also suggest you a personal Chef service abroad.

The Chef is available mostly all year , he will come to private houses, cultural center, cooking association and culinary institutes to hold private cooking demonstrations.

The classes have to be a minimum number of 8 people/students for at least 5 days classes, this will permit the Chef to fly over your state.

The class will include : 2 to 4 hours cooking class and grocery assistance.

Master Italian Chef Longo Returns to Stamford

A taste of Italy with Chef Longo

Watch the video here below of Chef Biagio in Liberty County and contact me for more information



Ceramic Tour

One of the many things to do in Sorrento and the Amalfi coast is the Ceramic tour and the “Intarsio”  Inlay in Amalfi Positano and Sorrento and especially Vietri sul Mare famous worldwide for the Ceramic.

The Presepe, the ceramic, the inlay, the coral and the terracotta. Travel with Laura will give advise of the best shops in the area on where to buy this pieces of art still made in Italy and bring them home with you.

Campania’s craft is a cocktail wise insights, forms and materials that reflect the imaginative and extroverted temperament, characteristic of the people of this region, it is a continuous rediscovery of ancient traditions, with an ingenious use of the various and numerous resources of the territory.

The history of the Amalfi Ceramic is very old, it dates back to the XV century,  in fact the biggest development in ceramic arts comes from the Amalfi coast more precise from the town of Vietri Sul Mare, that from the XVII century already became the most popular town for its famous hand painted ceramics. The diffusion of this beautiful and refined product today has become one of the most popular and modern industry, thanks also to the numerous commercial contacts it made during the last years with Sicily, Tuscany and other  Mediterranean’s areas.

The stunning view of the coast of Amalfi has influenced numerous artists that have visited the Amalfi coast over the centuries and made increase the production of ceramics.

 The Amalfi ceramic is an imaginative crafts that captures all the charm of the colors of the Amalfi Coast and that still today signed the country and the whole area in a unique way.   It has ancient traditions, although unfortunately not documented with certain powers to the inability to distinguish it from contemporary ceramic arc Campania.

Travel with Laura will organize for you a fantastic tour along the Amalfi coast to discover the art of the ceramic.

Pick up from your hotel ,drive along the Amalfi coast and arrive at the famous Ceramica di Amalfi to learn how this old tradition is made of and bring some souvenirs and art peace home with you, for your everyday life.

Amalfi ceramic plates

The Ceramica of Amalfi is also able to ship it home, you can easily make the order there and once you are back home the shipping will be arrived too.paining ceramic


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Gastronomic activities in Sorrento area

local SalamiSorrento has always been the Campania excellence travel destination for its natural and artistic beauty and its old traditions, and has been nominated by the Sorrento Peninsula as the main center for number of services and gastronomic tours offered.

mozzarella cheese with parma ham and rucolaThe Peninsula with its ancient culinary traditions , offers full itinerary in search of the ancient flavors and historic wines , through the products and manufacturers , expression of their territory . It starts with the Sorrento’s Limoncello than the olive Oil dietary designation originally protected by Sorrento Peninsula, the Gragnano pasta and the Agerola’s dairy , stopping at the real temples of taste and wandering through cellars and oil mills.

Provolone del monaco

Provolone del monacoIt starts from Vico Equense , gourmet paradise , where small ” artisans of taste” manufacture great products , such as sausage and salami made ​​of pork and orange rind , and the magnificent dairy products , from butter , stuffed with a caciottine delicate butter puree , the caprignetti , small balls of creamy goat cheese ( cheese ricotta) that , after being sprinkled with herbs are preserved in oil.

different kind of cheesesThe most valuable of all is the famous Provolone del Monaco DOP hard cheese made ​​of spun paste feature in melon shape slightly elongated or pear shaped without head. The dairy products of the area are still produced in a traditional way and there are many food shops and manufacturers from which you can taste and buy local products in the Cheese tour , but also to observe the production cycle.

There are also the breads with olives and other specialties of the Mons Lactarius.

Travel With Laura will help you to discover all of this and more.

For a complete Enogastronomic tour don’t miss the chance to visit this family farm where you will learn how all of these genuine and tasty products are made of.

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Bread and Pastry holiday

Come to South of Italy to discover the Italian sweet life side with the bread and pastry making course.

From the Lemon delice , the chocolate flan, the Tiramisù, the fruit tarts, the Puff pastry with strawberry and custard, the Nonna’s pie, the Sicilian Cassata and Sicilian Cannoli the Neapolitan Cannoli to the Rum Babà and much more.

Bread and Pastry course photos

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Travel with Laura consultant will book you into a bread and pastry class focused on learning the base of 4 kinds of different breads and the most popular pastries in South of Italy as well as the sweet brioches bread and the morning croissants.

The course will take place in a Sorrentine cooking school where you will truly feel like at home learning the very sweet side of life.

This course last for 4 days , every lessons will be schedule it for the morning from 11,00 to 1,00 pm  and there will be 2 bread lessons and 2 pastry lessons in each you will learn 2 different kinds of brad and pastry .

You can also decide to take an Intensive course of 6 lessons total and learn a wide selection of sweet and salty bread such as our traditional Neapolitan Casatiello, with salumi and cheese in it,  pastries and cookies as well as the typical Christmas desserts .

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