Catering service

Catering service in Sorrento and along the Amalfi coast

I think Chef’s goal is to create and prepare tasty recipes drawing from the endless recipes of traditional Mediterranean cuisine and a good Chef knows also how satisfy the more sophisticated tastes.

Chose the Catering service during your holiday in Sorrento and along the Amalfi coast, thanks to the experience gained through years of restaurant work Chef Biagio Longo can arrange events for you and with you in any place. The Chefs are willing to satisfy any demand, from a very large selection of buffet service to a complete menu from appetizer to dessert. Whatever you are willing to eat they will provide for it.

Don’t stress , don’t think about grocery shopping or what to make for dinner , someone else is already preparing something delicious for you in a special way .

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Personal Chef

chefYou are on Vacation and don’t feel like cooking?, hire a personal Chef to come at your holiday’s villa and cook for you an authentic Italian mediterranean meal.

Travel with Laura knows her chefs , suggesting you the right one, ready to satisfy any demand of your palate.

Hire a Personal Chef  for one day, a week end , a week or longer, he will take care of the grocery shopping in order to prepare a four course menu , chose with him the menu or let us know about the dishes you wish to enjoy and take the chance to taste the real Italian food cooked by a passionate Chef, you could also enjoy a neapolitan Pizza party if your villa has a wood fire oven.

Travel with Laura will also suggest you a personal Chef service abroad.

The Chef is available mostly all year , he will come to private houses, cultural center, cooking association and culinary institutes to hold private cooking demonstrations.

The classes have to be a minimum number of 8 people/students for at least 5 days classes, this will permit the Chef to fly over your state.

The class will include : 2 to 4 hours cooking class and grocery assistance.

Master Italian Chef Longo Returns to Stamford

A taste of Italy with Chef Longo

Watch the video here below of Chef Biagio in Liberty County and contact me for more information



Maya Course

Take a little break with this 7 nights cooking program in Sorrento focused on the typical mediterranean dishes such as Pizza Pasta gelato and other traditional dishes , while relax and sightseeing the area. You will be staying in the lovely Sorrento‘s area, and learn to cook traditional, exquisite dishes.

This course includes:

2 general Italian cooking classes (starts usually at 4 pm until finish)
1 gelato lesson ( starts usually at 11,30 am )
1 pastry lesson ( you will be learning two different pastries, starts usually at 11,30 am)
1 Neapolitan Pizza lesson by using the wood fire oven ( starts usually at 11,30 am )
6 or 7 nights accommodation in a double room with breakfast buffet 

This Holiday can start at any day of the week.

Taught by passionate Chefs , you’ll spend the day focusing on how to make the traditional Neapolitan pizza by learning pizza bases in order to get the perfect texture before cooking the pizzas in a wood fire oven.

pizza making

Pizza making course

Gelato ice-creamYou’ll also have a day dedicated to the Ice-cream gelato. You will be learning to make the homemade fresh gelato, ice cream cakes and semifreddi using some secret technique and the combination of different flavours to catch the thinness of this extraordinary Italian softness.

Lemon DeliseThan you will have the Pastry class where you will be making two different neapolitan desserts to satisfy your sugar lust.

During your 2 Italian general cooking lessons, you will learn from a chef in a fun and friendly atmosphere, preparing full delicious Italian menu using the seasonal and fresh ingredients, you will be making from antipasto to dessert including fresh pasta, second course and delicious dessert.

Fresh Pasta

enjoying a cooking class

This holiday gives you the perfect base to learn the secrets of the most famous dishes of the Italian cuisine. Immerse yourself in the truly Italian way of life learning the authenticity of the good food.

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Intensive cooking course

This is an Intensive General cooking course, in Sorrento South of Italy , focused on the traditional dishes and gourmand products of the mediterranean cuisine.

This course will run from Monday to Saturday for a total of eight lessons ,  two lessons in the morning focused on the gourmand products where you can be learning the traditional digestive Limoncello liquor, the secret to conserve and preserve the original flavor of the under oil vegetables such as the giardiniera, the homemade jams, the typical “Casatiello” , the Biscotti Amarena, the brioches sweet bread or the homemade Pizza in the electrical house oven, easily to make at home, and six afternoon cooking classes where you will be learning six complete different menus, from the starter to the dessert.

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This course is available all year long , from Monday to Saturday , the afternoon lessons will start at 4 pm until finish ( about 3 hours, depends upon the menu) and the two morning class from 11,30 to 1,30.

In this course you will learn how to transform the fresh basil into the exquisite Pesto sauce and the Sweet cherry tomatoes into a delicious sauce to utilize with fresh pasta , gnocchi sorrentine and more.

You will learn the classical Braciole with the Ragu sauce, the veal escallop in lemon sauce,  scialatielli with eggplant sicilian style, tagliolini with zucchine and shrimps, gnocchi Sorrentine, Ravioli Caprese, Speghetti with clams and the neapolitan Lasagna.

The course is not private, it is open to everyone that applies so you may be meeting other people that like you is passionate of the classical mediterranean cuisine.

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Cooking courses in Sorrento

Cherry tomatoesCome to Sorrento to discover the beauty and the taste of this legendary corner of the earth.

cooked cherry tomatoesTravel with Laura consultant will help you to organize your perfect cooking vacation. She will talk to you and understand what you really wish to learn, if is the Neapolitan Pizza , the fresh pasta, the Braciole with Ragù sauce, the sorrentine gnocchi, the fresh tagliatelle Bolognese and more other dishes of the classic neapolitan cuisine.

Cooking in an informal atmosphere or family environment , just tell Laura and she will know.

Immerse yourself in a truly Italian one day cooking  class and bring back home some of the local dishes.

You will learn a four course typical menu , with antipasto, fresh pasta dish , second course and a pastry.

The lesson lasts for about 3 hours, after the class you will taste the food prepared accompanied by a good glass of local wine.

Travel with Laura consultant can organize for you the tailored holiday or can enroll you in a Pastry course , a gelato ice-cream course , a bread course or a Pizza course with a wood fire oven or a Pizza homemade course,  the one that our nona’s use to make at home for our children for their birthday party or just on a normal day to make them happy.

wood fire oven Pizza


Chose from the list below the cooking program you are most interested in and Laura will check availability for you:

Travel With Laura consultant Sorrento will make direct contact with the best cooking schools of the area  and chose for you the one that most suits your expectations , able to make your culinary trip an unforgettable sweet tasty memory to cherish for a lifetime.


Travel with Laura will  find a warm welcome able and ready to satisfy any demand.

email Laura at: and she will take care of everything , booking your perfect cooking course in Sorrento and accommodation if needed.