Ceramic Tour

One of the many things to do in Sorrento and the Amalfi coast is the Ceramic tour and the “Intarsio”  Inlay in Amalfi Positano and Sorrento and especially Vietri sul Mare famous worldwide for the Ceramic.

The Presepe, the ceramic, the inlay, the coral and the terracotta. Travel with Laura will give advise of the best shops in the area on where to buy this pieces of art still made in Italy and bring them home with you.

Campania’s craft is a cocktail wise insights, forms and materials that reflect the imaginative and extroverted temperament, characteristic of the people of this region, it is a continuous rediscovery of ancient traditions, with an ingenious use of the various and numerous resources of the territory.

The history of the Amalfi Ceramic is very old, it dates back to the XV century,  in fact the biggest development in ceramic arts comes from the Amalfi coast more precise from the town of Vietri Sul Mare, that from the XVII century already became the most popular town for its famous hand painted ceramics. The diffusion of this beautiful and refined product today has become one of the most popular and modern industry, thanks also to the numerous commercial contacts it made during the last years with Sicily, Tuscany and other  Mediterranean’s areas.

The stunning view of the coast of Amalfi has influenced numerous artists that have visited the Amalfi coast over the centuries and made increase the production of ceramics.

 The Amalfi ceramic is an imaginative crafts that captures all the charm of the colors of the Amalfi Coast and that still today signed the country and the whole area in a unique way.   It has ancient traditions, although unfortunately not documented with certain powers to the inability to distinguish it from contemporary ceramic arc Campania.

Travel with Laura will organize for you a fantastic tour along the Amalfi coast to discover the art of the ceramic.

Pick up from your hotel ,drive along the Amalfi coast and arrive at the famous Ceramica di Amalfi to learn how this old tradition is made of and bring some souvenirs and art peace home with you, for your everyday life.

Amalfi ceramic plates

The Ceramica of Amalfi is also able to ship it home, you can easily make the order there and once you are back home the shipping will be arrived too.paining ceramic


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Summer Holiday on the Amalfi coast

The Summer time is surely the best time to come to Sorrento and the Amalfi coast areas.

Taking advantage of the warm weather to go on a day group excursion by boat along the Sorrentine coast and Amalfi coast or around the Bella Island of Capri.

Eating a romantic dinner in the garden of one of the oldest restaurant in Sorrento with a soft music as background.

Travel with Laura will organize for you the perfect Summer Holiday package in Sorrento:

Day 1st)

Arrive at Napoli airport or train station meet your english speaking driver and arrive to your Hotel in Sorrento. ( email Laura and discuss to her the kind of accommodation you would prefer)

Time to relax or go to Meta’s beach and refresh yourself in the mediterranean sea, lay down , deeply breathe the iodine and relax, your holiday is just started.

Meta's beach Meta's beach

Day 2nd)

Get ready to go to admire the Amalfi coast , first Stop in Positano with free time to enjoy the characteristic little town. Meet up again with your driver and continue the drive to Amalfi , free time to see St. Andrew’s Cathedral and eat the best Sfogliatella of Amalfi , you may want to stop also at the famous Ceramic of Amalfi to buy some of the typical and refined ceramic to ship home.

Positano view Positano

hands painted plates

hands painted plates

Decide to continue the drive to Ravello to see the stunning Villa Ruffolo or return to your Hotel in Sorrento.

Dinner in a nice restaurant in the heart of Sorrento , renowned for the buffalo products, typical of the Campania region, followed by a taste of Limoncello liquor as digestif. ( email Laura to discuss about any other restaurant you would prefer)

Day 3rd)

Your driver will come and pick you up between 9 and 9,30 for a full day group excursion by boat around Capri Island. You will be cruising from Sorrento harbor all along the Sorrentine coast with your sailors fellows , arrive in Capri free time on shore to visit and discover the beauties of the Island, such as La Piazzetta, Augustus’s gardens, the natural Arch and Villa Jovis. Back on the boat to discover the Grottos ( a very nice gozzo Sorrentino 10 mt. with shade , bathroom and cabin on board) your nice Captain will take you all around the island visiting the grottos of course the Blue Grotto La Grotta Azzurra than the Green Grotto and the White Grotto, you will be swimming in the emerald water of Capri Island. Back around 5 pm to Sorrento harbor.

swimming into the caves

swimming into the caves


Capri water

Capri water

Free evening on your own.

Day 4th)

Your driver will come to pick you up for an half day tour to visit the ancient ruins of Pompeii, one of the most significant finds from the Roman civilization, we can call it an art open book about the art, customs, trades on the daily routine life of the past.

Pompeii entrance

Pompeii entrance

Than back to Sorrento , in the late afternoon enjoy a wine tasting followed by a light dinner in a old restyled Villa garden in Piano di Sorrento.

Wine tasting at the old renowed Villa

Wine tasting at the old renowed Villa


Day 5th)

Your driver will come and pick you up for an amazing Enogastronomic tour you will be learning of how our Mozzarella cheese and Provolone cheese is produces and taste them of course, than know about the Limoncello , homemade marmalades and wines, and at the end you will learn about the real Neapolitan Pizza , the dough , the oven the toppings, making your own one .

Free afternoon to relax

at 6,30 pm Sunset cruise , enjoy a romantic sunset cruise along Sorrento coast with your lover , sipping sweet Champaign with green olives.

sunset on board

sunset on board

Evening on your own.


Day 6th)

Free morning to discover Sorrento at the best and buy some souvenirs for your family.

sandal's shop in Sorrentoallie ways in Sorrento

In the afternoon take part in a funny one day cooking class , you will be learning a four course menu , Antipasto , fresh pasta , second and dessert. At the end of the class you will be enjoying the food prepared with other food lovers and have a taste of the homemade Limoncello.

one day group cooking class

one day group cooking class

( email Laura if you want to add something to your holiday )

Day 7th)

Your driver will pick you up and drive you back to Napoli airport or train station , time to say Arrivederci and Buon Viaggio!.


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Among the Naples gulf and Salerno’s gulf juts out the Sorrentine peninsula.

Sorrento, the corner of the world where history and legend are united. Where beauty and nature are easy to find at every side, where people simply open their doors to visitors and let them feel like at home because it is a very old tradition, where everybody welcomes you with a warm smile. This is how Travel With Laura will let you discover Sorrento, a town with no equal.

looking from Sorrento to Naples

fisherman in Sorrento

Sorrento stands in a beautiful position on top of a coast overlooking the sea.

So, while your time in Sorrento and along the Amalfi coast take a chance to discover into the deep the Mediterranean sea.


Sorrento offers many fun activities for who is a sea lover such as fishing tours and diving experience: take part in a daily fishing tour departing right from Marina grande in Sorrento , accompanied by an expert fisher man willing to give you tips and advise about the oldest fishing techniques. This tours last about 3 hours and is followed by a lunch of the fishes taken with some local white wines in a trattoria always at Marina Grande.

hands of expert fisher man

catching some fishes

The Diving Experience is also a unique experience to do if you love sea , your instructor will take you to explore the deep blue mediterranean water, respecting all its inhabitants, get ready to observe all forms of life, of every color and size. You will live with the sea, with planned excursions in respect to different levels of experience in extreme safety, so don’t be scary and jump into the blue.

living the sea

mediterranean sea

The name ” Sorrento “ comes from the sirens; the legend says that these mythical creatures enchanted sailors with their song..

SorrentoLimoncelloSorrento is delighted of such a great position. South of the Naples gulf, it is right on the Mediterranean sea and in the summer season Sorrento fulfill of colors. With its beaches and caves, cliffs right down to the water but it is the downtown center that’s the real heart beat of tourism. Full of bars, churches and palaces that are all there to be visited.

Sorrento has a wide selection of accommodations for the visitors such as Marina Grande and Marina Piccola, the historical center and all the connected towns like S.Agnello, Piano di Sorrento, Meta and Massa Lubrense.

Sorrento is also known for the big production of lemons where the exquisite Limoncello comes from, as well as the walnuts and the wines. The ancient lace and woodcarving crafts are a beautiful souvenir from this charming town.

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Traveling the Amalfi coast has never been this easy before. Travel With Laura will take you to Ravello, situated in a splendid position, on a rocky spur astride the Dragon and Reginna’s Valleys. It is situated in such elevated position than the other pearls of the Amalfi Coast, and it can boast exceptional landscapes that have earned Villa Cimbrone’s terrace the name of, “Terrace of Infinity”.

The writer Andre Gide has given a splendid description, “Ravello is nearer to the sky than it is to the shore”.

Travel With Laura and she will make of this excursion a better excursion.


Villa Rufolo view

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