Cheese factory tour

Among the traditional products of the South of Italy in particular Sorrento’s areas, two typical cheeses have to be mentioned: the “treccia” and the “caciocavallo”. The “treccia” is a green cheese in a shape of a braided doughnut. The “caciocavallo”, instead, is a dairy product, of medium ageing, in a shape of a pear with a little head.

One of the main gastronomic activities and tours in the Campania region (where the best mozzarella is produced) is surely the Cheese tour.

Take part into a cheese demonstration and learn more about the delicious Mozzarella of the Campania region. Travel With Laura knows the best producer and will take you right there.

You’ll be going into the facility to see the authentic mozzarella cheese production and know how it has been produced,¬†starting with milk until the final tasting of mozzarella , treccia and Caciocavallo.

Travel With Laura will chose for you the best factory and will also take you to one of the best producers, discovering the art of cheese making.

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