Christmas in Naples

Christmas in Naples

This past Christmas, I found myself walking though the characteristic alley ways of Naples. I’ve always loved to be in Naples during Christmas time.. the streets teaming with people, the smell of roasted chestnut, the pizza sellers and the people in a row at the pizza sellers waiting to get their own pizzetta folded in the portfolio way. I visited the famous street of Saint Gregorio Armeno a succession of stalls of cribs and peaces of it , along with characters of all kind to decorate the “presepe”.

Visiting Naples during Christmas holiday it is simply amusing.

You can smell the aromas and the flavors of this city just by walking through, and not just during christmas time, Naples has something unique, the kindness of the people and warm smile everybody gives you it is something incredible.

Of course Naples has also the dark sides that you must be aware of, there are some places that is better not seeing where the people is not as nice, so if you are going to visit Naples be sure of where you put your feet.

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S.gregorio armeno presepe





Pizza Sorbillo in NaplesIMG_5433