Cooking class with the Italian Mama Palmira

Cooking with Palmira…

Palmira Montuori born and lives in Piano di Sorrento , has always loved cooking , since a young lady she would prefer staying in the kitchen looking and helping her grandma cooking and mixing together good things for a glorious lunch, instead of playing with other kids. Growing up , Palmira learned to make small experiments cooking for her family, she become more and more passionate , focusing much on patisserie.

Than she studied for masterly and afterwords she worked in that field for 10 years.

As finally 15 years ago she had the opportunity to work beside Chef Biagio Longo¬†at the cooking school Mami Camilla in Sorrento, she would say the most important school of my life , Palmira learned a lot from Chef Longo and she explained that it has been more than just cooking and helping it was a very deep life experience , she says: “cooking with Chef Longo in a real cooking school was something I’ll never forget and something I wish to continue to do my self.”

Palmira now still teaches cooking classes in Sorrento.

With her you will be sure to learn something more than a classic Mediterranean menu , you will feel the love and the passion that this amazing lady has for food and for life.

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