Intensive cooking course

This is an Intensive General cooking course, in Sorrento South of Italy , focused on the traditional dishes and gourmand products of the mediterranean cuisine.

This course will run from Monday to Saturday for a total of eight lessons , ¬†two lessons in the morning focused on the gourmand products where you can be learning the traditional digestive Limoncello liquor, the secret to conserve and preserve the original flavor of the under oil vegetables such as the giardiniera, the homemade jams, the typical “Casatiello” , the Biscotti Amarena, the brioches sweet bread or the homemade Pizza in the electrical house oven, easily to make at home, and six afternoon cooking classes where you will be learning six complete different menus, from the starter to the dessert.

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This course is available all year long , from Monday to Saturday , the afternoon lessons will start at 4 pm until finish ( about 3 hours, depends upon the menu) and the two morning class from 11,30 to 1,30.

In this course you will learn how to transform the fresh basil into the exquisite Pesto sauce and the Sweet cherry tomatoes into a delicious sauce to utilize with fresh pasta , gnocchi sorrentine and more.

You will learn the classical Braciole with the Ragu sauce, the veal escallop in lemon sauce,  scialatielli with eggplant sicilian style, tagliolini with zucchine and shrimps, gnocchi Sorrentine, Ravioli Caprese, Speghetti with clams and the neapolitan Lasagna.

The course is not private, it is open to everyone that applies so you may be meeting other people that like you is passionate of the classical mediterranean cuisine.

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