Maya Course

Take a little break with this 7 nights cooking program in Sorrento focused on the typical mediterranean dishes such as Pizza Pasta gelato and other traditional dishes , while relax and sightseeing the area. You will be staying in the lovely Sorrento‘s area, and learn to cook traditional, exquisite dishes.

This course includes:

2 general Italian cooking classes (starts usually at 4 pm until finish)
1 gelato lesson ( starts usually at 11,30 am )
1 pastry lesson ( you will be learning two different pastries, starts usually at 11,30 am)
1 Neapolitan Pizza lesson by using the wood fire oven ( starts usually at 11,30 am )
6 or 7 nights accommodation in a double room with breakfast buffet 

This Holiday can start at any day of the week.

Taught by passionate Chefs , you’ll spend the day focusing on how to make the traditional Neapolitan pizza by learning pizza bases in order to get the perfect texture before cooking the pizzas in a wood fire oven.

pizza making

Pizza making course

Gelato ice-creamYou’ll also have a day dedicated to the Ice-cream gelato. You will be learning to make the homemade fresh gelato, ice cream cakes and semifreddi using some secret technique and the combination of different flavours to catch the thinness of this extraordinary Italian softness.

Lemon DeliseThan you will have the Pastry class where you will be making two different neapolitan desserts to satisfy your sugar lust.

During your 2 Italian general cooking lessons, you will learn from a chef in a fun and friendly atmosphere, preparing full delicious Italian menu using the seasonal and fresh ingredients, you will be making from antipasto to dessert including fresh pasta, second course and delicious dessert.

Fresh Pasta

enjoying a cooking class

This holiday gives you the perfect base to learn the secrets of the most famous dishes of the Italian cuisine. Immerse yourself in the truly Italian way of life learning the authenticity of the good food.

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