Old Neapolitan cuisine history

When everything started…

Neapolitans follows the mediterranean diet for many centuries, and they never know…

The recipe later became gourmand and it was not suggested by the equilibrium lipid-carbohydrate but from all the available products.

eating spaghetti Totò old style

eating spaghetti Totò old style

la cucina napoletana

la cucina napoletana










The Campania region produced a large quantities of vegetables, while the meat was a luxury reserved for only few people.

People use to eat only what the market gave in abundance and at minimal prices: peppers, eggplant, zucchini, broccoli, arugula, tomatoes, and vegetables of every kind, to eat alone or with pasta.

The broccoli in a frying pan with a robust supply of garlic and chilly pepper, became the legendary “Friarielli” while the peppers came to the table often adorned with a filling of breadcrumbs, anchovies and capers.

Together with pizzas, spread on the poor streets , with the payment in eight days (the famous “Pizza eight” celebrated by Marotta)…. the frying sold on the sidewalks (panzarotti and calzoni)… vegetables were the main base of food, to sometimes supplemented by portions of poor fish, anchovies and “purpitielle” octopus.


pizza sellers










To supplement the missing calories there were especially the dairy products that in Naples have always been and remain outstanding: just mention the buffalo mozzarella, caciocavalli, provole of Irpinia and Sannio Beneventano.

It should be considered that Campania is the home of the 80% of the population of buffalo’s.
Also notable is the flowering of a whole range of typical products obtained from the processing of pork (the rich variety of hams, salami, sausages more or less spicy) or the preservation of plants, first of all the tomato sauce bottle, queen and the progenitor of all industrial production today.

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