Olive oil tour

Olive oil is one of the most ancient plants and Travel With Laura will take you step by step in one of the most interesting tours.

A prominent product of Sorrento and Massa Lubrense is the olive oil, in fact Massa Lubrense is called “Città dell’Olio” . Also in ancient times, the olives tree was cultivated in the hill area, and the oil produced there, with a unique flavor and an extraordinary scent, have got the DOP (registered designation of protected origin) recognition.

Visit the olive grove in Sorrento with a nice Italian lady from a presentation of areas for the cultivation and harvesting. The second stage will be the visit to the mill with the old millstones and metal press to play the ancient technique of processing olives and then visit to the modern mill, description of the modern process, which is less glamorous but definitely safer qualitatively.

Finally, oil tasting and typical products and different Extra Vergin Olive oil to buy and bring back home with you.

olive oil Sorrentum

Laura will organize for you a tour at the oldest olive oil manufacturers in Sorrento which is renowned for the best olive oil in Sorrento area. The quality has been certified from the EU Agricultural department. There will be an explanation of the old style production compared with the new one.

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