One day cooking class

one day cooking class at Mami CamillaTravel With Laura recommends this class for single travelers, small family group, friends, couples and for whoever loves to cook the great italian food and wish to acquire a good knowledge of the Italian Mediterranean cuisine which was born grown and hard cultivated first from our mothers and than from all the people that engage this cuisine just for the sake of surprise their partner or just for fun ; for who is going to have the first approaches to the kitchen world and would like start to discover it.

pasta makingThe Attendance is limited for eight students per day and will run a set menu. Students will be learning a four course menu per day in an informal atmosphere; from the appetizer to the pastry and making fresh pasta from scratch.

The class lasts about 3 hours dependent also upon the menu set for the day.

The class is structured mostly hands on and part in taking notes depending also on your skills and background. During each lesson, you will meet other people who enjoy cooking and learning the Neapolitan and Mediterranean cuisine. At the end of the lesson, you will sit with your friends at the big table under a nice pergolato or in a cozy winter garden.  

One thing that you surely will be taking home with you aside from all the goodies food prepared , is the warm and welcoming feeling given from your chefs.

making fresh pasta

farfalle pasta

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