Pizza Calzoni and Rustici course

homemade pizzettaCome to Sorrento to have fun with this hands on cooking course focused on learning the little homemade Pizza and pizzetta, Focaccia, Calzoni and Rustici , easy to make at home and yet the best aperitif ever for your business.

rusticiYour Chef will teach you, on this hands on cooking course the simplicity of the old neapolitan Pizza to prepare for your kids and friends, the tasty Rustici, morsels of puff pastry, quick and easy to prepare, perfect as finger food for an aperitif or buffet for a party, the filling of the outbuildings may vary: spinach and cheese, tomatoes and cheese, with ham, sausage or anchovies and tomatoes. Even the shapes can be different: rolls or dumplings. A fun and tasty appetizer that leaves room for imagination.

Of course the the Calzoni , “the pants” are filled with a steaming hot filling of tasty mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce and ham, they are baked and are perfect for an appetizer or as a snack. The calzoni are made ​​with an envelope stuffed bread dough (or pizza) and are then stuffed with a filling classic tomato, mozzarella and ham and vegetarian, eggplant or zucchini and mozzarella cheese, and of course you can indulge inventing many variations.

calzoniAnd the simplest but good and genuine Focaccia. The Focaccia is a versatile food that everyone’s like and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways: simply as a snack, as a real meal preparing it with some parma ham on top and cheese, vegetables or cheese, marinara style or using it in place of bread.focaccia

The Potatoes croquettes and the Rise balls, delicious starter and buffet finger food.

stuffed Pizza roll

focaccia with black olives and onions

rise balls

potatoes croquette

So what are you waiting for!? come to learn how to make the tommy of your kids happy with these hands on mini course over 3 days lessons or even just One dat class if you don’t have enough time.

This Pizza Calzoni and Rustici course can be schedule it for the morning or afternoon , upon availability. Each lesson will last for about 2/3 hours. After the class you will enjoy eating the food prepared. The lesson is though in english by a professional and friendly female Chef.

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