Massa Lubrense and Limoncello

Certainly lemon is the most representative product of Sorrento. Although lemon is launched on the market with the registered designation of origin “Sorrento’s Lemon”, it has always called “femminello” or “ovale massese” and it differs from the Amalfi’s one in some aspects: thin peel and very strong aroma.

lemons and chilly peppers

The most part of Sorrento’s Lemon (about 70%) comes from the farm in Massa Lubrense, and it is used above all in the production of the “limoncello” , a liqueur obtained from the infusion of lemon aromatic peels in alcohol. In the area, there are some farms that produce, in addition to the “limoncello” , even other by-products: from “delizie al limone” and different cakes, to honey and beauty products.

Lemon Delise

Lemon Delise

The most important event in Massa Lubrense is the “Lemon festival”, initiated thirty years ago, and that takes place in July. The “Agropasseggiate” through the lemon orchards in Spring comes before that.

In Massa Lubrense, attention is paid to organic farming and the typical products: every month organic markets are organized, and the farms provide the chance to have guided tours.

Contact┬áLaura┬áto learn more about the “limoncello” liqueur in an organized tour tasting and demonstration.