Excursion to Paestum ! An ancient town founded by the end of the 7th century a.C Paestum is located in the north of Cilento, and the UNESCO has recognized the archaeological area of Paestum as a world heritage since 1988, famous worldwide for its majestic Doric temples, three of them date back at the 6th century a.C and they were dedicated to the gods of Athens and Hera. The most beautiful frescoes are visible in the National Archaeological Museum of Paestum.

Excursion to Paestum , in the territory called Piana del Sele for this reason is also the land of buffalo mozzarella, who goes to Peastum cannot leave without tasting the Mozzarella cheese; a typical fresh cheese labeled with DOP mark. It will be possible to visit one of the many dairy farms and see the different stages of this handsmade to taste and buy their delicious and unique products.

Paestum is still considered for its art, traditions, nature and events which characterize it,  one of the most important beautiful cities of Magna Grecia.

Paestum Temple

Paestum Temple

buffalo mozzarella tour

buffalo mozzarella tour

Travel With Laura will organize for you a full day excursion to the temple and an escorted buffalo mozzarella tour at the Caseificio Barlotti.

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There is no such a place like the Amalfi coast , Conca dei Marini bay , Positano and the gulf of Sorrento. Popular destination from all over visitors.

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