cooking class and wine tasting

Don’t miss the bubbling experience of an hands on cooking class in a 12 hectares vineyard at the slops of Mount Vesuvius . 

The Family has worked the hills since 1948 to arrive at the creation of a winery made of organic products along with their warm Italian hospitality to produce the local wines which are sold in their own wine shop.

Visit this old fascinated family run vineyard in Trecase , here you can stop to visit the winery taste some Lacryma Christi accompained by local products from the sloops of Mt. Vesuvius , have a tasting lunch along with different wines and prosecco or an hands on cooking class , everything held on the terrace overlooking the Mediterranean.

The Tasting menu is made of:

  • Antipasto of local products such as provolone cheese , salumi , our typical “casatiello”, bruschetta with Piennolo tomatoes and pizza bread along with white Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio , Rosato and red Piedirosso .
  • Spaghetti pasta made with the Piennolo tomatoes and fresh basil along with Lacryma Christi riserva .
  • Neapolitan Pastiera along with Capafresca spumante rosato and Acquavite di albicocche from Mount Vesuvius.

There are also menu options for celiacs , vegetarian and vegan.

The cooking class Experience is the following : 

  •  A welcoming aperitif with Capafresca rosè Spumante while deeping  wood fired baked bread and our organic oil of olive and sweet vinegar.
  • A member of the family will escort you throughout the organic vineyard, vegetable garden (for picking what is needed during the lesson when possible) cellar and storage cellar.
  • The Gulf of Naples menu includes ravioli Capri style, Neapolitan eggplant parmigiana and Almond cake with Sorrento lemons.

Participants will have the opportunity to actually make their own dough, fill and shape the ravioli, assemble the eggplant parmigiana and make the cake from scratch.

Lacryma Christi white 2014, rosè 2015, red 2014 and Riserva 2012 will be served during the cooking class and meal. Apricot liqueur will be also served with dessert.

All the experience will take about four hours and people are welcome to stay around to enjoy their own time in the peaceful vineyard.

Starting time is at 9.30 am or 2 pm.

Price is 85 euro a person all inclusive.

The family person who will take care of you is fluent in English.

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Enogastronomic tour

The Enogastronomic Tour

Don’t miss the chance to take part in this unique experience between flavors taste and culture. 

The Enogastronomic tour of Massa Lubrense gives you a clear idea of some pillars of the South of Italy : Cheese , wine and liquor, olive oil and of course the neapolitan Pizza. 

You will be welcomed by a traditional Italian family and you will be taken first to the Lemon Grove  where all the participants will taste local lemons and homemade orange marmalade , they will show you than the recipe of the famous Limoncello liquor furthermore you will taste the homemade and organic producy of the Extra vergin Olive Oil. 

The second step will be at Il Turuziello , the farm of the cheese maker , who will present you his farm and taste his wonderful cheeses , starting from the Provolone del Monaco passing than to the fresh mozzarella which he will be making at the moment in front of you, as well as caciottine and fresh ricotta enriching the plate with fresh tomatoes and basil , for you to be accompanied by a glass of homemade wine.

Final step will be at the Restaurant ( to the Pizza maker) , he will explain to you how the real neapolitan Pizza is made of , using the old recipe with the use of mother yeast, said this you will begin to prepare the Pizza dough and with the classic “Tarantella” songs in the background you will be though how to through your Pizza dough in the air and enjoy your time, after you will complete your pizza using the top ingredients that you like most , just five minutes in the wood fire oven and your pizza will be ready to be eaten, along with water wine and a dessert.

This tour starts at 9 am until 1 pm or from 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm

This tour cannot be missed.

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    The lemon grove
    cheese making
  • extra vergin olive oil
    pizza making




Gastronomic activities in Sorrento area

local SalamiSorrento has always been the Campania excellence travel destination for its natural and artistic beauty and its old traditions, and has been nominated by the Sorrento Peninsula as the main center for number of services and gastronomic tours offered.

mozzarella cheese with parma ham and rucolaThe Peninsula with its ancient culinary traditions , offers full itinerary in search of the ancient flavors and historic wines , through the products and manufacturers , expression of their territory . It starts with the Sorrento’s Limoncello than the olive Oil dietary designation originally protected by Sorrento Peninsula, the Gragnano pasta and the Agerola’s dairy , stopping at the real temples of taste and wandering through cellars and oil mills.

Provolone del monaco

Provolone del monacoIt starts from Vico Equense , gourmet paradise , where small ” artisans of taste” manufacture great products , such as sausage and salami made ​​of pork and orange rind , and the magnificent dairy products , from butter , stuffed with a caciottine delicate butter puree , the caprignetti , small balls of creamy goat cheese ( cheese ricotta) that , after being sprinkled with herbs are preserved in oil.

different kind of cheesesThe most valuable of all is the famous Provolone del Monaco DOP hard cheese made ​​of spun paste feature in melon shape slightly elongated or pear shaped without head. The dairy products of the area are still produced in a traditional way and there are many food shops and manufacturers from which you can taste and buy local products in the Cheese tour , but also to observe the production cycle.

There are also the breads with olives and other specialties of the Mons Lactarius.

Travel With Laura will help you to discover all of this and more.

For a complete Enogastronomic tour don’t miss the chance to visit this family farm where you will learn how all of these genuine and tasty products are made of.

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Olive oil tour

Olive oil is one of the most ancient plants and Travel With Laura will take you step by step in one of the most interesting tours.

A prominent product of Sorrento and Massa Lubrense is the olive oil, in fact Massa Lubrense is called “Città dell’Olio” . Also in ancient times, the olives tree was cultivated in the hill area, and the oil produced there, with a unique flavor and an extraordinary scent, have got the DOP (registered designation of protected origin) recognition.

Visit the olive grove in Sorrento with a nice Italian lady from a presentation of areas for the cultivation and harvesting. The second stage will be the visit to the mill with the old millstones and metal press to play the ancient technique of processing olives and then visit to the modern mill, description of the modern process, which is less glamorous but definitely safer qualitatively.

Finally, oil tasting and typical products and different Extra Vergin Olive oil to buy and bring back home with you.

olive oil Sorrentum

Laura will organize for you a tour at the oldest olive oil manufacturers in Sorrento which is renowned for the best olive oil in Sorrento area. The quality has been certified from the EU Agricultural department. There will be an explanation of the old style production compared with the new one.

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Wine Tasting

In Campania , the vineyards cultivated on the slopes of Vesuvius and Campi Flegrei, damage renowned wines as those of Benevento and Irpinia.

One of the most loved gastronomic activities to do during your holiday on the Amalfi coast is of course the Wine tasting in Sorrento.

Travel With Laura will organize for you an escorted tour in a Sorrentine cellar where they will explain to you the difference of the DOC Campania wines and how they are produced.

wine tasting wine tasting with typical products

The Campania region is famous for its Aglianico red wine that perfectly match accompanied by a good steak or any read meat.

Another main Campania red wine is the Piedirosso which is more gentle and fruity along with the Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio.

The famous Greco di Tufo and Fiano di Avellino, two fragrant white wines, the red Taurasi DOCG wine, Mastroberardino wine, Taburno, Aglianico and the famous Lacryma Christi from the Vesuvio’s area.

Travel with Laura knows many of the best cellar’s in the area and can take you for an all day tour or just a couple of hours tour.


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