Amalfi coast

Amalfi’s oldest maritime Republic of Italy, is today a well-known resort, situated in a magnificent location at the foot of the steep Amalfi Coast.

The Amalfi coast; land of the sea and sirens kaleidoscope of different cultures rich of strong food and wine traditions is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe and one of the most sought after attractions in Italy. Terraced cliffs with odorous lemon trees, where a fantastic sea and the sky melt together on a blue horizon. This is where Travel With Laura will take you with her organized tours and excursions.

amalfi coast

view from the Amalfi coast

Discover the beauty of the Amalfi coast with a professional driver:

He knows every single part of his town and he will take you along the coast in a breathtaking drive, stopping wherever you wish for a picture and for anything you are interested in visiting… Like the famous ceramic of Amalfi “Casola”, the Cathedral of St. Andrew. Continue the drive up to Ravello to see the stunning Villa Rufolo, then stop for a nice lunch down Positano marina “Chez Black ” restaurant or wherever you wish to go along the Costiera.

St. Andrew Cathdral


Visit the Amalfi coast also by boat, stopping at the very nice spots and the hidden beach for a swim along Li Galli Island, Nerano bay, Arienzo, Positano, Tordigliano etc.. Free time off shore in Positano and after back on board to continue the cruise to Sorrento or wherever you are staying at, along the Costiera.

This excursion is available from March to October.

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hidden beach

along the coast of sorrento

hidden place

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