The path of the Gods & Valle dei Mulini

il sentiero degli deiThe Path of the Gods connect Agerola, a little village on the Amalfi coast’s hills, to  Nocelle, village of Positano, on the slopes of Mount Pertuso.

the view from the path of the godsThe name is enough to guess the spectacular view from the path. You should walk it in the direction from Agerola to Nocelle so the walk is more pleasant, slightly downhill and have in front the view of the Amalfi Coast and Capri.

The Path of the Gods starts from Bomerano little village of Agerola.
To go to Agerola there are SITA buses that depart from Amalfi,  than simply ask the driver for the stop Bomerano.
From there follow the road signs and you will find yourself at the entrance of the trail.

bomerano the path of the godsYou can not get lost because the route is marked by red and white signs with the inscription 02.

The entire landscape is full of vegetation, made of a few shrubs and grass, where you can often find sheep and goats grazing, switching to other Mediterranean oaks, arbutus, heather and rosemary.

The path is winding through climbs, descents and vertigo’s views, you pass the Walloon Grarelle until you reach the village of Nocelle, Positano.

Formerly Nocelle was accessible only on foot via a steep staircase that rose from Positano.
Today you can decide whether to get off the bus or walk for 1500 steps that will take you as far as Arienzo.

If it is summer, it is worth every step of the 300 steps down to the beach of Arienzo to enjoy a refreshing swim.

Since Agerola is very famous for its particular type of fresh mozzarella the fior di latte, my advice is : Before you take the trail stop at a delicatessen in the village to buy focaccia and mozzarella: you can stop along the way for a small picnic worthy of the gods!

If you prefer instead a more substantial meal, after passing the village of Nocelle, continue for about 1 km along the main road, newly built, until you reach the restaurant The Cut “La Tagliata” , where you can enjoy a nice lunch on a terrace overlooking the sea and Capri Island .

Another Natural Reserve situated in Amalfi is the Valle die Mulini

The Valley of the Mills is a gorge that from the city center of Amalfi, on the Amalfi Coast, dates back from the stream Canneto. Here you can still see the remains of ancient paper mills dating from the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, a period when the people of Amalfi learned from the Arab world, the processes of making paper by hand.

Don’t miss the experience of a drive down the coast of Italy along winding narrow highways, on the opposite side of the road, looking down and out at the Mediterranean and the hike through the Valley of the MIlls is an experience that you will remember for all your life. You will discover wonderful and breath taking views.

the path of gods

through the path of gods

walking through the path of gods

path of gods

It is easy to reach the Valley of the Mills , right from Amalfi center you can either walk or arrive to Pogerola by Sita bus or private transportation. Once you reach the most panoramic view (where the caste once was) begin the ascent towards the inner part of the valley.

the path of gods

path of gods