Among the Naples gulf and Salerno’s gulf juts out the Sorrentine peninsula.

Sorrento, the corner of the world where history and legend are united. Where beauty and nature are easy to find at every side, where people simply open their doors to visitors and let them feel like at home because it is a very old tradition, where everybody welcomes you with a warm smile. This is how Travel With Laura will let you discover Sorrento, a town with no equal.

looking from Sorrento to Naples

fisherman in Sorrento

Sorrento stands in a beautiful position on top of a coast overlooking the sea.

So, while your time in Sorrento and along the Amalfi coast take a chance to discover into the deep the Mediterranean sea.


Sorrento offers many fun activities for who is a sea lover such as fishing tours and diving experience: take part in a daily fishing tour departing right from Marina grande in Sorrento , accompanied by an expert fisher man willing to give you tips and advise about the oldest fishing techniques. This tours last about 3 hours and is followed by a lunch of the fishes taken with some local white wines in a trattoria always at Marina Grande.

hands of expert fisher man

catching some fishes

The Diving Experience is also a unique experience to do if you love sea , your instructor will take you to explore the deep blue mediterranean water, respecting all its inhabitants, get ready to observe all forms of life, of every color and size. You will live with the sea, with planned excursions in respect to different levels of experience in extreme safety, so don’t be scary and jump into the blue.

living the sea

mediterranean sea

The name ” Sorrento “ comes from the sirens; the legend says that these mythical creatures enchanted sailors with their song..

SorrentoLimoncelloSorrento is delighted of such a great position. South of the Naples gulf, it is right on the Mediterranean sea and in the summer season Sorrento fulfill of colors. With its beaches and caves, cliffs right down to the water but it is the downtown center that’s the real heart beat of tourism. Full of bars, churches and palaces that are all there to be visited.

Sorrento has a wide selection of accommodations for the visitors such as Marina Grande and Marina Piccola, the historical center and all the connected towns like S.Agnello, Piano di Sorrento, Meta and Massa Lubrense.

Sorrento is also known for the big production of lemons where the exquisite Limoncello comes from, as well as the walnuts and the wines. The ancient lace and woodcarving crafts are a beautiful souvenir from this charming town.

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